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Essential functionalities

Photorealistic 3D 

Interactive, photorealistic 3D representation of any product. The number of possible products in the CUST catalogue is unlimited.


Presentation of products at any angle, with all details. The user can zoom all details of the product.

Modular products 

Presentation and customization of modular products with the possibility to exchange modules.


Real-time customization of various parts of the product. Possibility to change colors and materials.

Additional information 

Presentation of additional information about the product. Price, size, description and any additional information.


Presentation of additional multimedia content connected with the product or brand. Video, photos, text, animations – anything that tells the story of your product or company.


Animations show the way in which the movable parts of the product work (i.e. opening and closing drawers or cabinet doors, unfolding a table, turning the light on and off etc.)

Sets of products  

Possibility to arrange sets of customized products. It gives the possibility to see, whether particular configurations fit to each other and in which sets.


The possibility to share any type of files with users. The user can send a render of personalized product together with all information (price, size, description etc.) directly from the app to any e-mail address or social media page.

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Furniture showrooms

We’ve implemented CUST in over 50 furniture showrooms in Poland supporting traditional sale, allowing the customer to review the producer’s entire offer and customization of furniture with use of touch screens.

CUST: Northern Lighting

The application offers 3D presentation of Northern Lighting lamps, allowing for their customization and the verification how the lamp actually functions when it is switched on. Download from iTunes.

CUST: Zieta Prozessdesign

Application which presents the company’s offer and allows free configuration of products, integrated with the online shop. Download from iTunes.

CUST: Paged Collection

The App presents the latest collection by Tomek Rygalik - Creative Director of Paged. The App premiere took place during iSaloni 2014. Download from iTunes.

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